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  1. 2015 –             : Assistant Professor

  2.                             Cornell University, Department of Policy Analysis & Management

  3. 2017 –             : Faculty Research Fellow

  4.                             National Bureau of Economic Research

  5. 2014 –             : Editorial Council

  6.                             Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists


  8. 2012 –  2015  : Assistant Professor

  9.                             College of William & Mary, Department of Economics

  10. 2010 –  2012 : Postdoctoral Fellow

  11.                             SIEPR, Stanford University


  1. Environmental, Health, and Labor Economics


  1. Ph.D. Economics, University of California, Davis, 2010

  2. M.A. Economics, University of California, Davis, 2005

  3. B.A. Economics & Hispanic Studies, Lewis & Clark College, 2002


  1. Success is Something to Sneeze At: Influenza Mortality in Cities that Participate in the Super Bowl, with Charles Stoecker & Alan I. Barreca

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  1. Under the Cover of Darkness: How Ambient Light Influences Criminal Activity, with Jennifer L. Doleac

  2. Review of Economics & Statistics, Vol. 97, No. 5, pp. 1093-1103.

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  4.     Significance Magazine, Royal Statistical Society

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  1. Caution Drivers! Children Present. Traffic, Pollution, and Infant Health, with Christopher R. Knittel and Douglas L. Miller

  2. Review of Economics & Statistics, Vol. 98, No 2, pp. 350-366.

  1. Where Have All the Young Men Gone? Using Sex Ratios to Measure Fetal Death Rates, with Charles Stoecker

  2. Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 41, pp. 30-45

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  1. Verifiable and Non-Verifiable Anonymous Mechanisms for Regulating a Polluting Monopolist, with James E. Prieger

  2. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 64, No. 3, pp. 410-426

  1. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Weaker: Prenatal Pollution Exposure and Educational Outcomes,

  2. Journal of Human Resources, Summer 2012, Volume 47, Number 3, pp. 826-850

  1. Ability, Gender, and Performance Standards: Evidence from Academic Probation, with Jason M. Lindo and Philip Oreopoulos

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  1. The Effects of Long-Run Pollution Exposure: Evidence from the Acid Rain Program, with Alan I. Barreca and Matthew Neidell.

  2. NBER WP 23524

  1. Adapting to Subtle Environmental Change: Agriculture's Trouble with Sulfur After the Acid Rain Program, with Alan I. Barreca.

  1. Technology and the Effectiveness of Regulatory Programs Over Time: Vehicle Emissions and Smog Checks With a Changing Fleet, with Ryan Sandler

  2. NBER WP 23966

  1. Toxic Assets: How the Housing Market Responds to Environmental Information Shocks

  2. William & Mary Working Paper


  1. Can Sickness Drive Early Retirement? Influenza Exposure and Labor Supply, with Mark Borgschulte


Cornell University

  1. Economics and Environmental Policy, Introductory Microeconomics

College of William & Mary

  1. Principles of Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Microeconomics of Public Policy (M.A.)

Stanford University

  1. Public Policy Senior Practicum, Environmental Economics (Ph.D.)

University of California, Davis

  1. Intermediate Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization


  1. Summer Research Award, William & Mary (2014); Schroeder Health Center Small Grant (2013); Summer Research Award, William & Mary (2013); Roy J. Beaumont Departmental Award, UC Davis  (2009); Graduate Travel Award, UC Davis (2009); Graduate Teaching Position Award, UC Davis (2008, 2009); Atmospheric Aerosols & Health Fellowship, UC Davis (2008); Dissertation Research Grant, UC Davis (2007); Summer Research Grant, Institute for Governmental Affairs, UC Davis (2007); Foundation for Teaching Economics Fellowship (2006); Phi Beta Kappa, inducted by Lewis & Clark College (2002); Honors in Hispanic Studies, Lewis & Clark College (2002).


  1. University of Connecticut, Auburn University; 2017 ASSA Meetings (presenter and discussant); Property & Environment Research Center; ASHEcon Biennial Conference (2016); NBER Summer Institute (discussant); Cornell University;University of Chicago; Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings; Tulane University; World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists; Rice University/University of Houston; Virginia Commonwealth University; NBER Summer Institute (EEE Research Sessions); University of Essex; University of Kent; MIT CEEPR; Virginia Military Institute; American Economic Association Annual Meetings (discussant); Texas A&M; Southern Economic Association Annual Conference; College of William & Mary; Simon Fraser University; University of South Carolina; DePaul University; University of Virginia; University of California, Davis; RAND; Cornell University; Stanford University; Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics Summer Workshop.


  1. Referee: American Economic Review, Science, Economic Journal, Journal of Labor Economics, Review of Economics & Statistics, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Health Economics, Annals of Epidemiology, Journal of Public Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Child Development Perspectives, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Social Science Research, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Journal of the European Economic Association, Inter-Development Bank, Education Evaluation & Policy Analysis, Bulletin of Economic Research, Economics of Education Review, IZA World of labor.

  2. Reviewer: National Science Foundation

  3. Member: American Economic Association, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Southern Economic Association

Nicholas J. Sanders


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